The GRAND Jackpot
Fortune Corporation is very proud to release an exciting new fixed $1000 prize Jackpot system into the Class 4 market! The GRAND Jackpot is a completely new and innovative way of operating jackpots that is proving to be extremely attractive to players. Players quickly recognise that this new jackpot system is the best investment for the dollars they have to spend because a win will always guarantee them a $1000 prize.

The GRAND Jackpot system is a conventional mystery jackpot system that visually presents the prizes to players in a new, different, novel and interesting way but operates and balances in the same manner as a conventional mystery jackpot system.

The GRAND Jackpot is visually different and attractive to players because it also displays a single very high value prize pool that has never been seen before in any Class 4 gambling venue. Displaying a very high value prize pool will give Class 4 venues some gambling credibility and an attraction that players will be intrigued with.

The principle attraction of the The GRAND Jackpot fixed prize jackpot system is that the players will know that they are always going to get paid $1000 for every jackpot struck. This is the maximum prize legally allowed to be paid under the current regulations.

Under the current system all jackpot manufacturers advertise a prize value to players of up to $1000 but the $1000 prize is actually never paid to players. With The GRAND Jackpot fixed prize system the actual prize value of $1000 as advertised is always paid to winning players.

The GRAND Jackpot fixed prize system is therefore more transparent and honest to players and by always paying out the prize advertised has higher integrity than the current jackpot operational model.

The GRAND Jackpot system is DIA approved now for both the Excite and Dynamic Jackpot controllers as a two, three or four prize level system and is available for purchase as a complete new system or as a conversion of any existing Fortune system.

The GRAND Jackpot is a full high definition system that has very large graphics files requiring huge memory and extremely fast processing speeds so only Quad core multimedia controllers that are red or green star are capable of handling this new animation software.

Prize Levels